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Power loss/noise. Help

I have a 2002 Ford escape v6 3.0 4wd dohc.
I was driving into work anr my engine started losing power tobthe point where it was shutting off and the battery light was flashing. I got to work and saw I had little to no oil so I put oil in ( I use synthetic) I have a flex pipe that needs repair.
My car still continued to lose power so I used it to get home and didn’t drive anymore. Now when I start it, there is a noise. This noise hadn’t happened before and now the oil light is flashing as well.
Could it be the oil pump?
The weird thing is I didn’t run it for a few days and when I started it up the noise was not there until the vehicle started to warn up.
I work on it myself.
How do I diagnose and could there be a common reason why I have both power loss and now oil light?

Wow, just Wow… There is so much wrong in this post!

Fiirst off… There is NO serpentine belt on that crankshaft pulley so the alternator won’t turn. Neither will the water pump. That would result on the car overheating in very short order. You should have gotten red and yellow warning lights ALL over the dash for this and stopped driving immediately but you drove it home! You may now have blown head gaskets and a possibly damaged heads and/or block.

Little to no oil… BIG problem, the engine may have been destroyed from lack of lubrication on the way to work but you drove it home. Flashing oil light means NO PRESSURE and you should have shut the engine down, but you started it up a few days later without determining what is wrong.

You should find an actual mechanic to carefully check this car over to determine IF the engine can be salvaged but by the sounds of it, it is destroyed.


May have found a problem .


Mustangman summarized the situation quite well. Tow the car to a mechanic and keep your fingers crossed.

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maybe he removed the serp belt to facilitate the repair diagnosis?
lets not damn him for posting a video with no serp belt
i am sure he knows to use a serp belt in daily driving

If he didn’t know not to keep driving a car with no oil in it I am not sure.

Yes, you continued to drive it with all the flashing warning lights.

02 Escape run low on oil until it would barely run at all. To me this says time to go vehicle shopping.