Power door locks opening by themselves


I have a 1997 Chevy Lumina with power door locks. All 4 doors will automatically open themselves. It happens when the car is parked and even when I driving. Any suggestions about the cause and how to fix it? My Chevy dealer and GM are puzzled and could offer no help. Thanks.



I assume the locks normally are operable even if the ignition is off? I would look around for a short than makes it look like the door switch is being manually activated. Be sure to check the bundle of wires passing through the ribbed rubber sleeve between the frame and door near the hinges – that’s a prime place to chafe the insulation off a wire. I think the dealer is being lazy if they can’t find a short, but it may take some detective work with a voltmeter and a schematic.


I would check the lock switches for the trouble first. One of them most likely has dirty contacts causing this problem.


As one who is trained to avoid the obvious (after all, that never works) and seek out the obscure, allow me to suggest the following:
Your car may be sensitive to frequencies and harmonics in your area - does this happen near airports (radar and comm gear) or microwave towers?
If so, your system may have a faulty ground shield.
Or, you key fob may be the sensitive device - try driving with the fob at home (remember how to lock your car using the actual key?).