Power amp for rear speakers


I have a 1994 Sierra GMC truck, I have 300 watt power amp under the back seat that powers the back two speakers the amp cuts off and all you have to do is gently tap it and it comes back on and yes i checked all the wire connections…So???


If the amp is old it will get strange like that. Some stuff isn’t compatible with other stereo stuff.


So you have a bad amp. Crack it open and look for a bad solder joint.


or a bad component or wire. Tap on components and wires inside the amp (with a plastic pen) till you isolate the problem.


Could be a bad solder joint, as mentioned. Could also be a bad power transistor or chip. May just be time for a new amp. They’re not too expensive.


I agree with the solder joint scenario. I had an XM radio that would turn off at some point after I turned it on while using it with the car “docking station”. With the home docking station it worked fine. I carefully removed the circuit boards from the car docking station and discovered a tiny crack in one of the solder joints. A friend who knew a little about electronics said that could be the culpret. Using

a soldering iron with a super thin iron (cheap at Radio Shack): I carefully just touched the iron momentarilly to the solder joint so it would melt and flow together. The problem disappeared! Also maybe go to Radio Shack and get a can of atomizer cold spray or whatever they call it.

Maybe aftter the amp cuts out you could spray components such as capacitors and diodes. If amp starts to work, replace the component. Again pick brain of a Radio Shack or stereo shop individual. Good luckk, tom.