Pouring gas in the carburetor

Last week-end the guys spoke casually about goosing a carburetor with gas, but I think this should be approached with great caution. A 70 year old friend of mine was doing this from a small tin can and some kind of blow back covered him with burning gasoline. He barely survived weeks in the burn center and never fully recovered. It was a miserable end to a long life. If you’re going to suggest that people do this, you should caution them about the risks. Many people think of it as a perfectly safe procedure.

The Car Talk guys I think did indeed mention on that segment that it is not safe to pour gasoline at the same time a start is attempted. This issue is commented upon in another thread here too.

The approach is to pour a little gas in the carb and then try to start it. DON’T try to start at the same time you’re pouring gas in the carb.