2018 Kia Soul - Transmission issues

Have 2018 Kia Soul that seems to have tranmission problems. Chatters at low speeds, sometimes won’t engage when accelerating.

Have you exceeded (or voided) your power train warranty?
If so, you might get lucky with a fluid change, but doubtful. Best to get it to an independent transmission shop ASAP, transmission problems rarely resolve themselves, only get worse.
If warranty is still in effect, get it to your dealership service department ASAP.


Good advice above. First step is to make sure the transmission fluid is at the correct level. After that, sometimes replacing the fluid and filter will do a lot to improve the situation. Use only Kia’s recommended fluid of course. Auto-trans shifts requires really high fluid pressures, the pressures are contained by the seals which to seal correctly have to remain flexible, and new fluid will have new seal conditioning chemicals. I’m guessing however that on a 2018 the problem is either that the fluid level is low, or there’s some sort of powertrain control problem, possibly a faulty solenoid. Is the check engine light on?

If you are the first owner then the tranny should be warranted to 100000 miles .