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Possible transmission issues

I have a 2005 Buick Teraza mini van. My question is that every time I back up with it then shift to drive I just sit there for a few seconds then it jerks and then it will go. Ive taken it in countless time think it was the transmission they keep telling me theres nothing wrong with it.

Taken It In Where, Countless Times ?

Is the fluid clean and up to the proper level ?

Have you tried putting the selector in 1st or 2nd (not 3rd or Drive) ?
If it goes then the problem could be a damaged forward sprag assembly in the transmission.


This is a transmission issue.

You have “taken it in” to whom? What kind of shop?

How many miles are on the transmission and what has its service history been? (As in, how has it been serviced and at what intervals?) Have you checked the transmission fluid? Is this issue more common when hot or cold or it doesn’t matter?

Regardless what you want to do is ask around for your best local transmission specialist. This will not be a general mechanic, nor a dealer shop, and certainly not an “auto care” chain or even transmission chain. It will be a locally owned, owner-operated shop that probably has the word transmission in its name.

Be prepared for bad news.

Ive taken it back to the dealership we bought it at. It has had great service all service done on schedule. The vehicle had 18000 miles when we bought it.Transmission fluid is good. We have 90,000 miles on it now. This issue is more common when its warmer. Our driveway has a slight incline but nothing major.

Have you tried putting the selector in 1st or 2nd (not 3rd or Drive) to start off ?

Have you asked the dealer about this?

Has the transmission ever been serviced? Sorry to say many car manufacturers don’t bother to list a regular transmission service. They really should. I fear you are looking at some expensive work.

In my opinion all automatic transmission should have the fluid changed and filter cleaned or replaced about ever 30,000 - 50,000 miles.

“It has had great service all service done on schedule.”

Unfortunately most manufacturer recommendations for transmission service are completely bonkers if one wants a long lasting, trouble free transmission. So just saying that everything was done by schedule doesn’t help.

If you don’t know, then look back at your invoices and report what has, in fact, been done to the transmission.

Of course, what you really need to do is take it to your best, local, transmission shop - not a chain transmission shop and not a general mechanic. A local person who specializes in transmissions. There’s a good chance that the dealer doesn’t even have a transmission specialist on staff. Often a dealer shop response to a transmission problem is similar to that of a general purpose auto shop - they shrug and say we can install a new transmission for $x,xxx.00. Most places don’t know about or mess with transmissions, including dealers. Find someone who does.