Possible to change to new rotary shifter

I ve seen and heard about people changing the shifts on trucks or cars to a sort of push button one instead of the one from factory. Well I m so in love with the rotary one on the new Chryslers!! But don t like the chrysler and am going to get a new Charger instead. Anyone know if changing the shift on the charger to a rotary one. And if you know it is possible please send me website or info

A good independent mechanic can do anything. Getting them to do it is something else. I’m sure it’s feasible if you really want a rotary shifter. It won’t be cheap though.

Unless you can find a conversion kit for sale somewhere, this would cost a fortune. And it would negate any resale value for the Charger. Plus void the warrantee for any transmission problems.

Voiding the warranty on a Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep would not be a good idea. Their transmissions are horrible. I know, I have been burned. Check Consumer Reports before you buy.

“But don t like the chrysler and am going to get a new Charger instead.”

Ok you don’t like Chrysler, so you are going to buy a Dodge. That’s sort of like saying I don’t like GM so I am going to buy a Buick.

With enough money, anything’s possible. “I drive a GMC cause I don’t like Chevys”. I swear my brother in-law said it.

One could buy a Jaguar with a rotary shift with the money this would take to do it right. Fuggedaboudit!

Sure it’s possible. How fat is your bank account?

You’d need a GOOD customizer, perhaps to buy all the system parts from an existing rotary shifting system, maybe a powertrain computer, a bunch of miscellaneous parts, and then the customizer would have to disassemble your interior and start cutting and welding. Then there’ll be the repainting of the reworked metal, the reassembly of the interior, and the details cleanup.

Then your new Charger will be worth exactly what it’ll be worth if you do nothing. Unless the job gets botched, in which case it’ll be worth less.

But yeah, it’s possible…

Buying any car is a compromise. Even with expensive luxury cars there are features that appear on one but not the others. If you really like the Charger, buy it and be happy with it. If you can’t get happy, don’t buy it.

Yep, sometimes you just have to compromise some things you like and don’t like. Back in the 50’s and 60’s Chrysler and Edsel had the ole push button system instead of a gear shift. Didn’t last too long and with mittens on in the winter it was hard to hit the right button.

I always liked those pushbuttons. With today’s technology, it would seem an excellent solution… better than the “I-drive” that’s so maligned.