Dodge Charger transmission replacement cost?!


I have a 2015 Dodge Charger SE AWD automatic. Purchased as second hand owner from dealer in 2016 with only 15,000 miles on it - it only has 67,000 miles on it now; so definitely low mileage. A week ago began having really hard shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear. Took to the dealer. They initially updated a transmission module in the computer, but it did not help. They then opened up and took a look at the transmission. They said the fluid was all dirty and had metal shavings throughout. The mechanic sounded dumbfounded as it is such low mileage. He recommended two different options. 1.) transmission valve body replacement quoted at $2600 or option 2.) full transmission replacement quoted at $7,150. Of course he recommended the full replacementdue to the fact he doesn’t think with what they found the cheaper option would fix the problem. Of course my car is out of warranty and I only have $900 loan payment left. Is it normal for a dealer to charge that much for a replacement? Seems high even for dealers.

That is the price that they quoted for them to do this repair so it does not matter if that is normal . At least they made the correct option to replace the transmission instead of doing something and still have to relace it later .

Call a few independent shops near you and check prices then you will know what the going rate is in your area.


But, why are you taking an out-of-warranty car to a dealership?
A specialized transmission shop will have far more expertise, and is likely to charge a LOT less than the dealership.

One caution, however–Look for a well-reputed independent trans shop in your area.
Be sure to avoid chain-run joints like Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, and–worst of all–AAMCO.
Even if only a more minor repair is necessary, those places will tell you that you need a new/overhauled transmission, at a huge cost, and then they could well screw-up the job.

RockAuto parts supply shows a Mopar transmission for this car selling at $5000 retail with a $2000 core charge. So, unfortunately, $7100 for a remanufactured transmission seems in the ballpark.

Dealer labor will be higher than an independent plus we don’t know where you live (shop labor prices vary a LOT with location) so sounds about right.

The cost seems in the ballpark but you might be able to save $500-1000 at an independent shop. Don’t go too cheap. A reman with a better warranty is worth it, especially if it carries some guarantee from Chrysler that others might not offer.

It is probably worth it with used car prices as high as they are right now. I don’t see these problems with the supply chain and car shortages going away anytime soon.

Maybe buy a $3000 beater while you deal with this and save some money. The nice thing about doing this these days is that beater will still be worth $3000 in a few months or a year.

Car part says used trans is $400-500 near me. True? Says 2015 3.6 8 spd awd. Might be true.

Rock auto is usually a pretty good guide and generally low. Still have to pay installation.

The last dealer new trans I priced was about $2200 new for a Gm ten years ago. I have paid up to $2000 for an overhaul. Check with a trans shop just to see but make it an Atra member shop. Some cars are a lot harder and some shops won’t work on the hard ones.

Have you considered flushing and refilling the transmission fluid with new, clean fluid?

Personally I’d give that a try before going the nuclear option of a new transmission.

For what it’s worth…I have a 2009 Challenger (auto) that’s on its second transmission. The previous owner of the car replaced it when it had less than 90K miles on it. So it does happen. He gave me the invoice; I think the price was around $5000 6 years ago.

Local shop has remained trans for this car for $3300. Plus labor
Can you really count shifts on a 8 spd? Seems to me, 2-3 shift would be imperceptible.

They said flushing would probably only be a typical fix because they’re not sure why metal pieces are in the fluid. But who knows if they replace the tranny if it will happen again. I guess $7,100 would make sense with inflation.

I’d say to change the fluid and filter, clean the metal shavings from the pan, and see if you can get it running well enough to trade it in, and buy something else (preferably a Toyota Camry or Corolla) instead. I would not replace a transmission which failed at such low mileage in a vehicle which is apparently known for transmission problems. I would move it along instead.

Well, it’s not undriveable. Right? Or put another way, it is driveable?

New transmission dealer replacement costs can be very high priced and that is normal. Don’t necessarily blame the dealer for this as the cost they have to pay for transmission is also very high.

I would not try a valve body only. That sounds like a symptom rather than a cause as the metal shavings are not from the valve body, but a clutch drum, govenor, etc, etc. The “dirty” fluid is likely because the fluid is burned from slippage.

I note the maintenance schedule states the transmission fluid is for “Life of the Vehicle” and that is yet another bad factory recommendation. It should be changed roughly every 30-35k miles no matter what the factory says.
It’s a stretch, but you might try contacting corporate and politely ask if they might perform a Good Will Warranty to some degree as the trans failed prematurely with no fluid service needed according to them. Maybe they will meet you at least halfway on it.
Other than that, it’s bite bullet or check pricing at a well established independent shop.

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The problem is, you don’t know what sins were inflicted on it in those first 15k miles…it was traded or sold only one year after original purchase. That is cause for suspicion for me when buying used…

Fluid is cheap and trans replacement is expensive. I might just try flushing it out, cleaning any screens and changing the fluid as a last ditch effort. If it doesn’t work, you’re only out the cost of the fluid if DIY or the service if you pay for it.

I bought an 8 year old farm truck once. Trans fluid was completely roasted and the lockup converter caused a huge shudder. I changed the fluid several times and disconnected the TC solenoid. I ran it that way for 7 more years, plowing snow in the winter and then moving from the midwest to the east coast towing a car trailer and lots of heavy stuff. Sold it years later, still running. You never know until you try :wink:


The newer dodge trans have solenoid shifted valve bodies? I think mercedes used the same trans for awhile?

The Mercedes transmission that was used by Chryco for a while was, I believe a 5 speed, @db4690 could tell us definitively. The OP likely has an 8 speed.