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Possible Electrical Issues (?)

Lately it’s been very hot in PA. Sometimes after I’ve made a quick stop (under twenty minutes), and I attempt to drive away again, I have issues. The engine turns over just fine and I can’t hear any extra noises, but the oil light, check engine light, and battery light all come on and the car won’t move. If I turn off the engine again and wait until the car cools a bit, then it’s fine. This hasn’t happened during a cold start yet. Any and all ideas welcome! Car has just about 113,000 miles on it.

So sometimes on warm starts the engine starts running ok but the check engine and battery dash warning lights illuminate and when you put it in “D” and press on the gas, the car doesn’t move forward?

hmmm … first guess is the automatic transmission fluid level is low. Reading out the diagnostic codes is where to start though.

When you say the engine turns over but you can’t hear anything are you sure the engine starts and stays running? Having all the lights on the dash, no noise and the car not moving suggest the engine has not started.

If this is the case I would start by checking the crank shaft position sensor, seems to be a problem with a lot of cars especially when hot.

The warning lights are tied into the alternator field circuit for testing. If the alternator has a problem it can effect other warning lights besides the battery light.

Thank you to everyone who responded! Turns out, if you give it gas at just the right moment before shifting into drive, it will go! The culprit was a ridiculously dirty air filter. I also checked everything else that was suggested and got to learn some new things about my car, so a big thanks to everyone!