Possible damage from skidding

I have a 2020 Rav4, today I entered a curve going a little too fast with cruise control on and started going off road; it was a narrow road with very little shoulder otherwise I would have been fine. I attempted to correct but between me and steering assist I overcorrected, lost traction, and ended up skidding all over the road, tires squealing. I managed to stay on the road and came to a stop after skidding and swerving all over (still can’t believe I did not roll, thought for sure I was going to).

What I am worried about is if this could have damaged my car in anyway? I drove very carefully the rest of the way home and didn’t notice anything off, no weird noises or steering problems. It did seem a little slow to accelerate but I think that was me being overly cautious.

Who in their right mind uses cruise control on a narrow winding road ?

That’s just asking for an accident.


The tires may have been flat spotted a little, but I wouldn’t worry about it.



I doubt if there is any damage . It would be a good idea to have the tires checked . This does not sound like a place you should have been using cruise control .


You didn’t hit anything, so no damage done except, perhaps, to your pants and driver’s seat.


Thank you, I definitely should not have been using cruise control going into that curve. I’m not sure what got into me or why I didn’t brake before entering, but I have learned my lesson.


Some people drive like that for fun…On race tracks.

Toyota test and development drivers drive like that and harder to make sure it doesn’t hurt your car. You car is fine


Reducing your speed during an incident will do several things. Lessen severity of impact. Increase time to make corrections. Hitting a curve at 30mph is better then 60mph. With abs, I don’t think any tire was not rolling. So a single flat spot is unlikely. Though skidding sideways at 50mph in my mind, I think you could lock up tires. Car would think you were not moving. Since it has no reference.

Tbe tires are still turning even sliding sideways, so no flatspots.

Vanadium alloy steel saves the day yet again.

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Why are tires turning when you are sliding 90degrees sideways? You abs cannot sense any rotation. If tires are not rolling. It thinks car is stopped.

Because you are never sliding exactly 90 degrees sideways. The wheels are always rotating just a little bit unless you are actively spinning… which wasn’t the case here.

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I would go to a good Wheel works company and check the vehicle out up on a lift your aliment may be off, cars which are in street shows doing donuts- end up needed new engine supports & transmission supports so check those out as well. Do Not Drive cruise control on those types of roads.