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Possible coolant leak?

Hey guys!
I’ve been having a couple of issues with my coolant. My coolant light has been going off and it seems to be over heating. The first time i filled it up, it seemed fine. Only a few months have passed by and the coolant tank is completely empty. I drained whatever I had left in the tank and added distilled water to give it a cleanse. I took the tank off and submerged it in water to see if any bubbles had come up to see if there was a leak, there was no leak. The two pipes connected to the tank are in good condition, they aren’t dry or cracked.
Is there anything actually wrong with my coolant or is it a norm for the coolant to get used up so fast? I don’t use much of my heat or ac since I like my windows down often. I’d appreciate your opinions!

You may have a bad head gasket. Losing coolant is a symptom of that.

The coolant reservoir supplies coolant to the engine, you should inspect the engine and radiator for leaks.

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