Possible Alternator Issue

It is a 1998 Mercery Tracer. 120K on it.I had recently had my battery and alternator replaced by the dealer. And took the car to a local guy to clean the engine block so it would look nice. he also painted the bracketry that lines up on top of the alternator. Some paint got splashed on the alternator copper wiring. Would this affect my alternator at all? My car does not start now. Any feedback will be appreaciated.

Paint on the copper coils of the alternator would not hurt it. Paint on the commutator would be a problem, but I would think that would wear off pretty quickly.

Please elaborate on “does not start now.” What happens when you turn the key?

Does the battery turn the engine, or do you get nothing? Any noises?

as for it not starting.most likely the ground has work loose off of the parts you replaced.