Portable battery jumpers

I charged my portable battery charger for over 14hrs however, I had to call AAA and a service worker came out to charge my car battery with his portable battery charger and the car started, however he tested it and said I need a new battery. The temperatures were about 20 degrees outside. Why did his portable charger work and my charger not work?

What he did was substituted his good battery jumper for your dead battery. A battery charger takes longer to bring a battery up to full charge before it will start the engine. And if the battery is bad no amount of charging will bring it back to life. But if you change the battery, I bet that fixes the problem. Especially if the battery is over three years old, or if you don’t know how old the battery is.


Battery charger, or portable battery jumper? There’s a difference.

A charger charges the battery in your car, assuming the battery is still good, and will accept a charge.

A jumper is used to start a car in which the battery is already too weak to start the car.

I think you used a jumper, not a charger.

His jumper worked because it was an expensive, high-quality unit, and yours was a cheap, low-quality unit.

How much did you pay for your battery jumper, and why did you think you needed one in the first place?

If your battery is in good condition you don’t need any help starting your car.