Porsche's new strategy

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And there will still be Porsche drivers with their phones plastered to their ears while driving…

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I can’t read the attachment, Bloomberg wants me to sign in. Does it say anything interesting?

They want to make the cars more digital. Maybe they are right, I know that I am not their target market I am an analogue guy.

My granddaughters bout me a smart phone for Christmas last year.

It is not tied to a service, but I can make calls from home with it when my wife has the land line tied up and it has a good camera on it that my granddaughter set up to send the pics to my computer. Unfortunately, the phone lost the wi-fi connection and the password is one of the very long numbers on my router which I would have to enter on the tiny keyboard that I have to push with my very large stiff fingers.

I was having a very nice man from Verizon trying to walk me through entering that very long password and then changing it to a very short one. He finally asked to share my screen and after seeing all my errant keystrokes and backing up he asked me what I wanted to accomplish. I told him I wanted to restore the wi fi connection and get a much shorter password. I told him the password and in 5 seconds, he said,done. Now that is helpful customer service and something that can’t be done online.

I made a small wooden stylus to hit the keys with but it doesn’t work, apparently, it has to be my fingertip which is easily 10 times the size of my keys. My son says I can expand the keyboard by moving my thumb and forefinger apart,but either my phone or I are incapable of it…

I have a smart phone but I don’t pay for data service. The phone has become necessary for my job, I need to take pictures of leaks/failures and send them to management before repairs.

I don’t use wifi, I connect the cable to the computer to down-load the pictures. You don’t need to touch the phone for this, you use the mouse. My new computer automatically recognizes new pictures and asks if I want to down load them.

Password requirements at work require 15 characters, upper case, lower case, numbers, special characters. I am sure that with the next improvement they will require extraterrestrial characters.

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A wooden stylus won’t work on your touch screen because the screen is capacitive. You can buy a pen-sized stylus with a soft tip about the size of an eraser. The stylus ‘feels’ like a fingertip to the screen. I also have big fingers so I buy pens that have stylus tips on the end opposite the writing end of the pen. They sort of look like there is an eraser on the pen. They work great for typing and other tasks on a phone screen.

To me it just seems like more things to keep you from paying attention to the task at hand…you know like driving.

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Bloomberg does allow 1-2 free articles to read before it requires one to sign in. It tracks this via cookies.

You can also disable Javascript on their site, as I did in order to read their articles–gratis.
The only negative effect is that their photos are blurred when you disable Javascript.

FYI, you can do that with your granddaughters too. Ask them to look into a program called Anydesk. It will allow them to control your phone from their computers when you need them to help you with something.

They want to be German Tesla in 10 yrs? Ok

Right now Tesla is losing about $1000 on each car it sells, making up for it by selling credits to other carmakers (oh, and on Bitcoin trading - don’t get me started on that scam). Once everyone is making EVs that money goes away. Something’s got to give…

The whole industry is going tech:
Toyota Is Going On a Hiring Blitz For Software Engineers (jalopnik.com)

Porsche gas motor= iron, steel, foundry, machine shop
Elec motor? Battery pack?
Elec cars can be fast, but, it has no Porsche Heart

That functionality has been nearly standard in nearly every car for almost a decade, … yet…Owners still can’t Bluetooth their phones to the hands-free

And I predict Porsche owners will still find a way to muck that up…

[post withdrawn by author]

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You need to be careful with that. Many states do not allow earphones. Some allow a single earbud but not two.

Agree with you on the SUVs… Porsche SUV is an oxymoron


I did that for a bit as well. Then I found a helmet speaker and mic harness kit that mounted speakers and a mic permanently inside the lining of my full-face helmet attached to an amplified Bluetooth receiver. I could use earplugs for the wind noise and the speakers could drive enough sound to overcome the earplugs. Kinda stupid to have use both but it was legal.

My phone played music, answered phone calls and gave me directions off Google Maps with the priority being 1) phone, 2) Google Maps, 3) music

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I agree that the Porsche SUVs are crimes against humanity, but I’d still happily take a GT3 if anyone wanted to give me one. :wink:

Eh. The Porsche heart is fast, agile sports cars. Back in 1997 people said Porsche had lost its heart because they started putting water-cooled engines into the 911. I thought that was ridiculous. Who cares? To my mind that’s like saying the Veyron sucks because it doesn’t use cable brakes like the early Type 57s did. Sometimes it’s OK to move on technologically. After all, if we insisted on always remaining true to a company’s roots, the Huracan would need to be able to plow a field.

I would very happily drive an electric 911. I bet it’d be fun as hell, too. If Tesla can get a big old sedan like the Model S to do 0-60 in 2.9 seconds, imagine how fast an electric 911 would be. You’d probably have to artificially limit the acceleration without a special unlock procedure just to avoid giving the occupants whiplash. :wink:

Porsche’s SUVs kept the company going, and don’t hurt anyone’s ability to have fun in a 911.

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