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Porsche 911 cost of maintenance

A 911 owner that posted his costs had $3000/year in maintenance/repairs, so $1000/yr would be a screaming bargain.

If you’re going to worry about the cost of replacing the engine, you might as well never ever buy a car. Or leave the house.

Especially since, contrary to “Researcher”'s assertion, the replacement cost is around 10 thousand dollars, not thirty thousand. But hey, it’s on the internet, so it must be true.

PS when I checked a couple of years ago, Porsche mechanics charged $125 an hour, whilst “regular” mechanics charged $85 an hour - quite a difference. Also, $8,000 for a valve job versus $1,000 for the valve job on my Chevy! The Porsche dealer was charging “about $15,000” for an engine rebuild, versus $3,000 to have my Ford motor rebuilt - so, that’s what? Five time or so more expensive to fix than a domestic vehicle!

A quick search turned up a USED 911 engine from a recycler/junkyard for $9500. So $30k for a new/rebuilt engine installed sounds about right.

This is a terrific sports car, especially if you’re willing to learn to do a lot of your own repairs and maintenance. Parts are expensive, and mechanics usually charge full retail in addition to labor. On the other hand, it’s a small car, and mostly pretty easy to get around the engine. You’ll still need a good mechanic for stuff you can’t handle in your own garage, but this is a great car to work on if you’ve ever been so inclined. As others have mentioned, if it needs a new clutch at 30,000 miles, you should look elsewhere. I’d be concerned that the car has been driven hard and might have compression issues.

That Porsche is incredible especially if it has a good car maintenance. I have a Porsche 944 yet my original plan was to find a 911 sc targa but everything I looked at had 150k, poor maintenance records or an extremely proud owner. Proud in price that is. The sticker price on my car was $51,395. To pick it up for less than 1/3 the original price in such pristine condition makes me think these 944’s are overlooked as a high performace sports car.