Porcupine Problem

So, being an exotic animal trainer I have collected random memorabilia in my car. I train an Indian Crested Porcupine and used to have one of his 8 inch quills hanging out of my air vent. Well, one day I noticed it was gone and it wasn’t until I turned on my A/C that I heard the rattling of it inside of my vent. I cannot stand the rattling, but lately it has gotten worse. I have started to smell a vinegar scent in my car that I am guessing is the quill??? It is very strong smelling when I first start my A/C. Is there anyway to get the quill out of my car without taking the whole thing apart? Please help me! I cannot stand the smell and rattle any longer!

If it has to be without tearing the thing apart then your only real option is to start a creative fishing expedition. The one thing you can do that will help is at least get the vent cover/grill off. This is normally not all that difficult (though VWs do tend to make things complicated).

A couple of things that might help your fishing expedition - a small telescoping mirror and a long, flexible claw-type pick up. Stop by an auto parts store - tell them your story and ask them to show you automotive pickup tools.

As for the vinegar smell - you would likely know better than anyone here whether this could be porcupine related.

Get a brush for cleaning out clothes dryer vents and shove it in there and see if you are a good fisherman.