Poorly fitting window replacement



I went to an auto glass shop to get my shattered front passenger side window replaced. I watched them do the work and noticed that after they replaced the glass and attached the inside door sections they tested to see if the glass went up and down. It did, but the glass didn’t go up into the plastic casing. It stays on the outside and you can feel the top edge of the glass when it’s all the way up. They tried to pull the casing to the outside of the glass with a tool but couldn’t get it to move. They told me the work was done but instead of rolling the window up all the way they kept it just short of the casing so that it appeared to be enclosed in the casing but wasn’t. When I tested the window I told them the window was outside of the casing and asked them to reset it to go into the casing. They told me it was like that when I got there. I know it wasn’t. Then they said the casing was old and for a small additional charge they would replace it. At that point I was surrounded by the men in the shop all standing around shaking their their heads at me. Then they sent a woman out to tell me that the casing was old and never fit properly. I know for a fact it did. I wish I had said I wasn’t going to pay until it was fixed but I have to admit I was getting intimidated by the men. I became impatient and said I had no intention of paying more and paid the bill. Later I remembered they sprayed air between the casing to remove broken glass. Do I have a right to go back and insist they redo it so the glass fits properly? Do I have to pay more labor for that?


Since they are in denial, and if you need the work done correctly and expeditiously, find another shop.

The additional charge should not be much different from this shop to another. You don’t say how old the car is, but these channels do occasionally require replacement, and perhaps the shop should have warned you of that at the start. Given the current situation and if I wanted the job done properly, then I would go to another shop. Based on their denial and lack of willingness to do the work, I would not trust them again. If this was an insurance issue, I would also talk to the claims adjuster, who might have more leverage with the shop.


Whatever shattered the window may have knocked it out of alignment, which is why it’s not closing properly.

A replacement window should fit perfectly and work perfectly, just as the original window did. I don’t think the plastic that the window slides into can be adjusted. I believe the adjustment is inside the door, part of the channel that guides the window. This should be tested before the inner door panel is installed.

In my opinion the job is not done until the window closes correctly, and you shouldn’t have to pay any more than the original quote. Proper installation and adjustment is part of the job.

Having said that, they obviously don’t want to take the time to do the job correctly, so you might be better off going elsewhere, as jayhawkroy suggests.


My belief is that the glass shop knows what they are doing and don’t want a un-happy customer for no reason.If they replaced the glass they had all adjustment options right there in front of them and if they could have just adjusted something different they would have, why not?.

Is the glass shopp saying that a new "run channel’ is required to make the window fit correctly? This may be the case, myself I think I could look at why the window doesn’t fit right and make a really good conclusion if the run channel is the problem.

Shoot your best shot and stop by another shop and ask if they can take a look at why your window doesn’t fit right. I say dont even tell them someone has been working on the car, just see what they say, if they ask if someone has been trying to make it fit put it off on your inept brother or some other male that thinks they know what they are doing, they will go for running someone else down, males are like that when a woman comes with a car problem. Please post the correct name of the part in question.

Don’t let the new shop see glass pieces or your little test will be in jeopardy.


Go back, take the small additional charge and make sure it works correctly. How small is small?


Try another glass shop and see if they can verify the part number of the window. It COULD be the wrong one. I don’t do windows myself.


You paid them to perform a job and they should do it properly. Adjusting the window tracks should be part of the job and if something is bent due to the glass being shattered they should have taken care of that or advised you at the time.

From the sound of it they did not do the job properly and are in the brushing you off mode by blaming it on this, that, or the other.