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Poop smell

guys pls help yesterday our 00 honda passport smells like someone has taken a dump inside the vehicle i’m making assumption that its coming from the heater vents what could possibly cause this and how to remedy any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

You may find a rodent inside the ducting. They like to get in there and make nests.

Do you have a baby? Loose a dirty diaper? I have worked on cars that the owners left for repair with dirty diapers in the car.(along with guns,drugs large sums of money,computers(laptops)An all different kinds of underwear. What were they thinking? Really maybe your smelling bacteria from the AC evaporator (never heard it described as a “poop” smell. Verify the evaporator drain is clear their are anti-bacterial sprays and fan afterblow kits that will help if evaporator bacteria is you concern. There are recent postings on this forum concerning AC odor scroll through and read them,some are quiet lenghtly

Under what conditions does this happen? Does the engine need to be running (I’m thinking sulfur being burned in the catalytic converter from a tank of bad gas)?

The most important fact needed to fix any smell is to know if the origin is from the HVAC system or in the cabin so you can’t assume the origin or you go no where. This should be easy to figure out. Turn off the ventilation system and sit in the car. Do you smell anything? Now turn on the system. Is the smell stronger? Sniff at the vent outlets. Is it strongest there?

You can try putting some baking soda under the seats. My darling daughter left a crappy nappy in my car and it took a couple of months for the car to air out after I found it. Baking soda and Fabreeze… I left a plastic food container with holes in the top filled with baking soda under the seat - eventually it cleared up! good luck

Reminds me of the old joke…

Lady takes her car to the dealer because she keeps smelling like someone took a dump in her car. But it only happens when someone else in the car. It’s fine when she’s driving by herself.

So the service manager gets in the car and they go for a test drive.

Lady pulls out of lot doing 70…Comes to a stop light and slams on the brakes…then proceeds to do 40 through the red light barely missing the cross traffic…Floors it speeds up to 90 down a 2 lane road with hair-pin turns. Comes to another intersection which just has a stop sign…she speeds though it, but a truck is coming the other way and she has to slam on her brakes before hitting the truck…

Then she says…“There it is…Do you smell it??” Which the service manager replies “SMELL IT???..I’M SITTING IN IT!!”