Pontiac Sunfire Feathers

My grandson has a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire. It is a 4 cylinder and has a 2200 SFI motor. The engine feathers at between 65-70 in drive. It does not do it in 3rd. The plus, wires and fuel filters have all been replaced. We have had it to a mechanic but so far he does not seem to be able to pin point the problem. Any suggestions? Thank you.

I saw a Taurus that was totalled by hitting a big turkey once. It had feathers caught between the hood and one headlight. I’ve never known of a Sunfire with feathers, but I did see one with fragments of deer fur.

Plus wires? What the heck are you talking about?

It obviously wants to be a Firebird. Seriously, what do you mean feathers?

Feathering an engine comes from the aviation world. The propellers were pitched in an effort to gain the best performance possible. The pitch of the engine (noise/sound) changed as the props were pitched (angle of the blades changed). I think the poster means the sound of the engine changed in the 65-70 mph range. They had changed the plugs, plug wires and fuel filter to no avail. The transmission should have shifted to third long before reaching 65 mph. I think the little 4 cylinder is just bogging down at that speed since the accelerator is probably on the floor. A 2.2 is not a race engine so the bogging down (feathering) is normal. That’s my take on the situation…normal.