Pontiac Problems


So I’m an innocent female driver who has been continually taken advantage of at most every automotive shop I’ve been to. I don’t know that much about cars true but I’m learning. The problem is I have a 96’ grand am that supposedly needs all new brakes and struts although I had my entire brake system replaced two years ago, What do I do? Believe them and drop 1,200 which might even be more than the car is worth or say screw 'em and just replace the pads/shoes and sell it?? Other than research what do I do about being swindled time and again??


What specifically are they saying needs replacement? What was replaced last time?


Yea…These mechanics love females…at least their money.

Stay away from the chains like Midas, Sears, PepBoys…They’re pretty much crooks. Have you checked with friends or even looked at this sight to help find a local mechanic??? I know a couple in NH who are very honest. I’ve been in the shop when this woman came back to pick up her car she dropped of in the morning because it wouldn’t start. She was amazed that her bill was ONLY $20 (they had to replace the gas cap). They could have easily taken advantage of her and her situation.


I would ask for a written, detailed estimate of the parts and work needed. Of course there is always the possibility of more parts needed or fewer parts needed. If you have difficulty getting this detailed estimate, then ask why you can’t have that. If a satisfactory reason is provided, then ask for that to be also included on an estimate; just keep the pressure on these guys. Get work needed in writing with the shop’s or mechanic’s name included. Include the date and mileage on the vehicle if you like.

Go to at least three places for more estimates and don’t reveal what others have given you.

Also keep in mind that there is the possibility that the work that you had done two years ago may not have been done. Hopefully you have the receipt for that work. Show the receipt to people who are saying that you need the work repeated now. Why not go back to the people who did the work two years ago.

When you have work done on your car in the future, ask for the old parts, always. It helps to keep a mechanic honest.

I realize that this all spells work but it is necessary to protect yourself.