Am I getting ripped off?

$12.00 for shop supplies and another $12.00 charged for "hazardous materials."Is this reasonable. What shop supplies do you use up doing a front brake job???

At this point, I think that the ones being “ripped off” are the folks who run this website. This is at least the third time that you have posted this same question.

Slide lube, brake cleaner, compressed air (someone has to pay to run the compressor), brake fluid, rags, hand cleaner…

Oh come on, this cannot be a serious post.

Well, let’s see, They might use the following shop supplies: brake cleaner, rags, caliper slide lubricant, brake pad anti-squeal compound, and brake fluid, just to name a few.

Hazardous materials? Hey, why not? They’ve gotta increase their profit somehow?

Are you taking your car to a dealer or to an independent mechanic? My independent charges me a small fee for incidental shop supplies. No big deal. I don’t complain.

$24? That’s pushing it.

Three times? Really? Gee, I don’t remember this one, but then, at my age, I don’t remember much.

Everyone please join in.

YES, you’re getting ripped off!

Are you happy now?

Independent mechanic. I told him that I was trying him out for the first time and if he was honest I would give him a lot of business.

Why are you so angry?

I’m not angry. Not at all. I find this amusing.

Why are you so suspicious?

Did you ask the mechanic to explain the charges to you? What did her or she say?

If you didn’t ask, why do you expect us to explain them to you?

The extra $12 was probably a “customer relations efforts” charge…relabeled as a “hazardous materials” charge.

Maybe it was the mechanics way to try you out,perhaps he does not want you as a customer.

I posted in the other one, but I’ll post here too.
It’s just the shop’s way of dealing with the April 15th deadline. by itemizing shop supplies, they don’t get charged for that as they would if they charged $12 or so extra on the parts/labor. You’re paying for their shop towels, soap, etc. regardless if they charge separate for it or not.
HazMat charge seems reasonable since they’re dealing with fluids that are harmful to the environment, and is probably another way to pay less at tax time.

Look at it this way, if you could write your fuel and grocery purchases off on your taxes, you would, right?

It was my kid’s car. And MOPAR, BITE ME. I don’t want your advice. You are being a smart-ass, know-it-all. I am someone who is just trying to learn about things.