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Pontiac Grand Prix 2006 base model

One night i was driving home and blew a whole in me resonator. When this occurred i was traveling thru delaware to get back to philadelphia(Not good, burnt a whole thru my floor). Completely cut the back pipe off and resonator and drove it like that for about a week. Finally, had it replaced within the next month or soo. Driving threw the city one day and i felt the car shifting gears a little awkward and later that same day my car started to/wouldnt go over 45mph and even when i tap the gas pedal just a tab bit it revs all the way up. Also the car has a rough idle, but i believe that is because of the poor welding job done on the exhaust. Took the car to get codes and the only thing that came up was to change the spark plugs and Ignition wires. Everything was fine until i blew a whole in my resonator now im having these issues can someone please give me an idea as to what could possibly be wrong?
Make :Grand Prix Base Model
Year: 2006
Mileage: 212,000 miles

The resonator and muffler are the same thing on your vehicle. And it’s located in the rear of your vehicle.

The catalytic converter on the other hand is located under the floor of your vehicle.

Each converter has a flex joint which is located at the engine.,2006,grand+prix,3.8l+v6,1432256,exhaust+&+emission,catalytic+converter,5808

Has the Check Engine light ever started flashing?


It sounds like you may have a transmission problem there, assuming you have an automatic. Perhaps the heat from the blown exhaust system caused it, but w/a 212K 13 year old car could be a lot of things. Suggest to check the transmission fluid level as the first step.

Check engine light comes on, flash for a little then cuts off again.

Also its now leaking transmission fluid . It was a darkish color but now its light brown

I think you destroyed another another catalytic converter.