Pontiac Grand Am Trans Service

I serviced my 1999 Pontiac Grand AM SE2 (3.4 L) trans by dropping the pan and replacing the filter. This Trans has no dip stick from the mfr., only a cap for adding Trans fluid. I dropped 6 1/2 quarts of fluid. I topped it off to 7 qts when I refilled. Need to know if that is about right. I am aware of the “Test” for fluid level but am a driveway mechanic (weekend warrior) and cannot get the car up and level (or get under it when it is down). Is 7 qts about right for a refill under these service conditions (don’t want to overfill and blow seals). I was prompted to do this when I heard a faint Tick - Tick - Tick … sound which I thought was probably coming from the tranny. The car has 165K on it. Trans had never been serviced.

OBTW, I had spoken with a Pontiac service manager and he recommended to re-use the old trans fluid (actually, not service it with new fluid) since the high detergent action of new fluid could clean the tranny and cause it to fail. So I re-used the fluid. It had high lubricity. Car runs fine, need yet to listen for the tick sound.