Is it possible that the police can talk to you through your cars radio? A friend told me he was stopped by the police and they told him to pull over transmitting through his cars radio. If so what sort of device or how can they transmit(hack) into your radio?

My best guess is that the volume of the loudspeaker on the police car was so loud that your friend thought that the sound came through his radio speakers. Then of course, there is the chance that your friend is yanking your chain, or that he is…imagining things.

That being said, with the advent of Bluetooth technology, I suppose that it might be possible for police to break in via those frequencies–if your friend’s car is equipped with Bluetooth. But, I will leave it to the people who are more expert in electronic technology to say whether this is already a reality or if it ever will be.

That being said, with the advent of Bluetooth technology

No it’s not…I’m an engineer in the Telecom industry…and one of the MAJOR products we design is for Bluetooth…What you’re saying can NOT be done.

There are devices that you can in your car, that is not Bluetooth, to listen to you cellphone through you radio. Purchaced one for $9.99 in Walgreens a few years back. It is wireless too. It can be done, but there is the FCC to contend with. It is not legal and “the police can’t break the law in order to enforce the law”, so they say.

As I said, “it might be possible”. I’m very glad to hear that it is not possible.

I think that the most likely explanation of the claim mentioned in the original post is that the OP’s friend may need to have his medication modified.

Such a device is quite possible-- it’s basically an FM modulator that transmits at a lot of different frequencies. I remember hearing a few years back that some municipalities were considering using something like this on ambulances and fire trucks so idiots listening to their radio too loud would know to get out of the way.

I have been driving down the road and had very powerful CB radios (illegal) break into my own CB or car radio. It MIGHT be possible for a police radio to do the same thing. Unlikely they could do it on purpose, tho.

Quite possible that the signal from the police transmitter was strong enough to get into the demodulator circuitry of the car radio, where it would be heard through the car radio amplifier and speakers. Unlikely, but possible and not anything done deliberately by the police.

Many times I wish I had one myself to "speak to " the buttheads in other cars. It seems to me ( in my senior citizen memory ) that I have heard something similar in my own radio when being approached by law enforcement.

The transmitter would either have to transmit on the same frequency your radio was tuned to or flood the entire commercial bandwidth…AM and FM…and since your radio only receives and does not transmit, determining what you had your radio on would be impossible from afar.

Methinks the FCC would have a conniption fit.

I suspect VDC got it right.


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