Points ignition

Where can I find a basic diagram for a single cylinder points ignition system.

Battery/generator, not magneto.


try http://www.carjunky.com/cgi-bin/cars/jump.cgi?ID=2896

sorry, that’s 4 cylinder. Just take 1/4 of it.

I can’t imagine where to locate such a diagram, but the system is very simple. Six volts is applied to an ignition coil + terminal, the - terminal is wired to the points, which ground the coil when closed. A condenser is tapped into that same ciicuit and when the points open and ground is lost the coil discharges through the secondary.

Encyclopedia, believe it or not!!

That’s what I thought!
I’m still not getting spark!
Must be screwing up something obvious.

Using a test light check all connections for continuity. At the coil + the light should be on.
At the coil - the light should be on util the points are closed. If so, get the coil and condenser tested.

It could make a difference what application this single cylinder engine is in. Are you trying to set the ignition points, or whatever that single cylinder engine uses?

Are the points new and did you gap them at the point when they should be open? That would be at the high part of the cam lobe. If you did not file the points twice before installation, you may want to do that. They won’t always work if you don’t. Just back and forth twice.

First with the ignition on make sure you have voltage across the coil. If not then it’s in the switch or some wire leading to the + side of the coil. As a test you can run a wire from the + side of the battery to the + side of the coild.

If you have voltage to the coil, then connect up the meter (it’s best using an analog meter).as followed…+ side of meter to - side of coil. Then - side of meter to ground. Have someone try to start the car. You should see the meter jump back and forth from 0 volts then up then back down. If this isn’t happening then the points aren’t opening and closing properly or a bad condensor.