is my Toyota camry going to stall cause it has po401 code and I think it has an muffler or exaust leak can the cause po401 code.

A leak in the exhaust system can cause a P0401 code. Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Insufficient Detected. This is because the EGR valve is a back pressure induced EGR valve. Which means the back pressure in the exhaust system helps to open the EGR valve. So if the exhaust leak has reduced the back pressure to the EGR valve you get this code.

No. The engine isn’t going to stall because of a lack of EGR gas flow.


Replace the Vsv on the back of the engine block. Very common. Sometimes if Needs the Egr as well, but 95% if the time, it’s just the vsv (vacuum switching valve). No drivability issues unless the egr is sticking. Cheap and easy. I charge $52 to just tell you what I did. Cheers

The egr vsv by the way. 2 vacuum lines and an electrical connector.