Plz help

here is the whole story i left my car at work as i go to london and get back late the next day went to go home car battery was flat bought a new battery car started went home parked car up next morning battery was flat jumped it with jump cables but as soon as took cable off car engine stalls plz plz help thanks

It is probably your alternator. It recharges the battery.

Yes if alternator is not working properly even a new battery will only run a newer car for an hour before going flat. but with 12 volt battery they will come partley back to life if it seats over night did you get any volts from it even a click. If not you could have bad alt the chage light should worked . or you could have a short to ground inside the alt and when it off all volts are drained from battery. if it took three days to go dead I would have you look for something like a trunk light thats still on. the reason the engine quits is the battery does not enough volts to run the spark coils the new cars need alot of juice and alt can keep up with demand