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Car died while driving. Jump started, worked for a little bit, then died again.Is it the alternator?

While driving at night, my battery and break light came on on the dashboard. About 50 minutes later, my car can no longer travel faster than 5mph. The engine was not able to rev up when it is in Drive, but it was able to rev up the when I put it in Park or Neutral. Finally it died, while traveling at 5mph.

Had a friend jump started the car, but was not able to travel over 5mph. Then it died shortly.

So is this the alternator? I’m hesitant to think it is the alternator, because the engine was able to rev up when it is in Park and Neutral.

we cannot examine your car since we are nowhere near it. your motor is stalling. no fuel? did you check your gas gauge? you need to charge battery. than motor will run for long enough for you to put voltmeter on electrical system and see if alternator is charging. a bad alterntor will allow battery to die. so it could be a bad alternator, a loose serp belt, a bad or shorted battery or even loose battery terminal connections. charge battery. check system voltage

Along with @stoveguyy’s comment about putting a voltmeter* across the battery terminals:
While the engine is running, that voltage should be about 14.4 volt with a good alternator.

  • (harbor freight has multimeters they give away for free with a coupon or practically free for $5 - they’ll do the job)

I’ll bet lunch your alternator is shot. Perhaps also your battery.
Most parts stores will test the battery and the charging system for free.

Remco, i picked up one of those free meters (had to get some other tools). They’re okay, but I’m an analog guy. I like needles.