Pleased with new minivan

Just thought I would share with the community that about a month ago I bought a 2014 Kia Sedona and have been pleased in particular with the craftsmanship of the fold down center glove box (solid with no play), the removable seats (firm with absolutely no play), and the surprisingly powerful motor.
I’m curious to know if there are any other Kia Sedona or general Kia owners out there and what they think of the minivan and other models.

Happy so far with the optima, Lease for 200 a month, 11 year old windstar died, wife rearened in kia, thinking glad we do not have to keep it past warranty tire and brake time. The warranty is a selling point!

I’m very happy for you.
Kia has come a long, long way these past years, a true testament to South Korea. South Korea is making better and better cars, becoming a real player in the automotive marketplace, and North Korea can’t even do a decent haircut… {:smiley:

Kia’s and Hyundai’s, they sort of developed a reputation on the plus side for giving a lot of accouterments for the buck; on the downside, for not being as robust reliability wise, the problems showing up not at first, but around the 10 year 100K + mark. Another issue mentioned here is that repairing the tends to be expensive. Is this still how these models are viewed, or are they trending to show better post 10 year reliability?