Please listen to the video and tell me what you think the problem is?

There was a weird smell only on the left side of the engine that kind of smelled electrical. Please help me

Did not get any kind of electrical smell from this video… should I get my virtual reality gear upgraded ?

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To me it sounds like an alternator whine. And if your standing in front of the car l;ooking at the engine the alt. would be on the left IIRC. But thats just going on a video not actually seeing or hearing it first hand. Sorry, NO GUARANTEES.

What I hear is a whining noise from the automatic transmission changing gears.Check your ATF fluid in case it is low because a Lexus transmission should be quiet.

Sounds like a failing alternator.

See if turning the headlights on (to bright) and off makes any difference. If so, that would tend to confirm the alternator is involved.

It ended up being the alternator. Thank you so much everyone

Thanks for keeping us informed, good outcome, best of luck.