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Please help

I bought a 1997 Toyota Camry from Select-A-Car in San Diego on 2/8/09. I did the car fax to make sure no accidents, checked the fluids ,took it for a test drive. Seemed in fine shape, there was no oil when I picked it up and Tony (the owner)said it had been sitting in the lot and he filled it up, I should have known there was a problem. Several days later the oil is gone again, there is a rattling noise under the car and the locks are giving me a hard time. I brought the car to a mechanic over the weekend and he said the gasket/seal in the engine was leaking oil. I have a 30 day typical warranty, I brought the car in 2/16/09 at Tony’s request, I had called several times the previous week and he kept putting me off. I brought a witness with me, Tony did not give me a work order, said he was fixing the leak as a courtesy. He replaced the oil pan and I knew that wouldn’t work and I kept calling when is my car going to be ready finally today he said the car is ready. I reminded him that he never gave me a work order and I would like to know the “3rd” party mechanic that worked on my car, he changed and said if I didn’t pick the car up tomorrow he would put it in storage and he wouldn’t be around tomorrow, maybe the work order and invoice would be ready next Monday. I think I have been had, any advise??

I would return the car and get your money back. it may take some persuasion but I think it could be done.

Tony the owner of Select-A-Car was going to charge me $300 for the 48 hr contract cancellation. According to the Car Bill of Rights he should not have charged more than $75.00. I did not know this when I purchased the car. He is also in violation of the Auto Repair Act as he failed to provide a work order when I dropped the car off. I talked to a gal at C.A.R.S. and we are in agreement that he knows the law and I can certainly let him know tomorrow before I pick up the car what my legal rights are but I don’t believe he is going to give me my $2,000 back. I am a college student and have been taking the bus since he has had the car, I was hoping that someone has dealt with someone like him. The old avoid pain applies here, he is not going to do anything he doesn’t have to unless its to avoid pain (such as small claims court, dmv investigation, etc.)

I will ask, you may or may not comply. Please state what problem (singular) you want resolved.Don’t throw in issues like “the locks are giving me a problem” it makes it look like you are searching for anything to get sympathy.

To not stop a transaction immeditally when you found out the car had no oil was very bad. What led you to discover it had no oil? why did you accept the explaination “it was sitting in the lot”?

The engine uses many different gaskets not just one. Tony saw you comming.