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2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid - Who pays for oil leaks?

I purchased a used 2018 Camry Hybrid SE from a dealer about 6 months ago. I found that there is an oil leak and verified it with cardboard. Does the warranty cover the repair? If not, can I get the dealer to pay for it?

The powertrain warranty on your Camry is 5 years/60,000 miles. That will include repairing oil leaks unless the leak is cause by some type of damage or an improperly installed oil filter.


Thanks for the info. Would this problem be found during oil change? The used car dealer said they changed the oil and did not disclose anything about oil leak before I bought it. Can I sue them for repair cost if needed? I am in California.

If the oil leak was caused by the oil change, like a leaking oil filter O-ring or an over tightened drain plug it would not be covered by the factory warranty. If the oil leak is result of a factory defect it will be covered by the warranty.

We won’t know if the engine was leaking at the time of the oil change, that was 6 months ago.

Thanks for your insight. I will make sure take some pictures if it doesn’t not cover by warranty. I will update after I visited the dealership.

Was this purchased as a used car from a Toyota dealership or from an independent used car dealer?

Not from Toyota dealership.

Then taking it to the dealer you bought it from probably will get you nothing. This independent cannot honor the Toyota powertrain warranty. Take it to a Toyota dealer.

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Seems a bit premature to be talking about suing someone.

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I agree. Somebody buying a used car from a lot, discovering a problem, and talking about suing before finding the actual nature of the problem, probably should not be buying used cars to begin with. Besides, one can often catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Perhaps the “dealer” will be helpful.

Is the car still within the parameters of the Toyota Factory Warranty?

What does California law say about used cars? In most states they are sold “as is” unless a warranty is given in writing by the seller.

What does your dealer’s warranty state, specifically concerning oil leaks?

Pre-purchase inspections are prudent when buying used cars.You did have the car inspected by an independent mechanic, prior to purchase, correct?
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The used car dealer put the wrong oil filter.

How did you ascertain that fact?
Did the dealer correct it for you, gratis?
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Toyota dealership told me. I still under the no maintenance warranty.

What does that mean ?

Do worry about it. Also stop asking questions or give options. I need help with the questions I asked. Not any options about how I should buy used car or whether I should sue the dealer. You and the other person are not helping.

Relax Henry , if you want help then answer the questions because we can’t read your mind . Apparently this is your first experience with an open forum . And I really have no idea what a no maintenance warranty is.

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You can get up to 5 maintenance services in 2 years for free from Toyota dealership. When they change the oil filter, they did it for free.

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So, it seems that the used car that you bought from a used car dealer began leaking oil.

But since, at the time, you couldn’t determine the exact cause of the leak, you went to the Toyota dealer to have them find the source of the leak.

It was discovered that a wrong filter was installed (possibly/probably by the used car dealer) and since you had “complimentary” maintenance visits from Toyota, they changed oil and installed the correct filter and sent you on your way, free of charge.

Is that about right?
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Correct. Thanks for clearing up the confusion.

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You’re welcome, Henry!
I’m happy the oil leak was taken care of by the dealer and the maintenance services provided by Toyota. Happy motoring!
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