Please help

my car ran out of oil completly and it started pecking and i stoped driving instantly and now i am going to have the oil change will my motor be fine

I guarantee your motor will be fine.

Doubtful. If the engine stopped because of low oil…all likelihood you did serious damage to the engine.

When was the last time you checked the oil…or even changed the oil??

Pecked and Croaked

When you knew to stope because of “pecking,” how did you determine it ran “completely” out of oil?

If it did… I think it “croaked.”

Oldschool was right, “Fine as frog’s hair!”

Depending on how FAST the oil leaked out, you may or may not have problems. In the past, I had the oil filter blow off my Ford (service station had not tightened it during oil change), causing an underhood fire. I stopped IMMEDIATELY, called the nearest service station and had the car TOWED in. It was down to 1 quart, plus what was in the oil filter.

There was no damange done to the engine, and the car consumed no oil & ran fine.

However, if you had been driving for a long time with a very low oil level, and only acted when the light came on or the car started “pecking”, you may have done damage to the engine. After changing oil and filter, carefully check the oil every few days by pulling out the dipstick (instructions are in your owners manual). The light on the dashboard is an emergency light, telling you to stop the car immediately, but damage may already have occurred.

Your engine is damaged goods. It’s just a matter of how badly. Since the oil does not instantly disappear this means you’ve been running the engine with a very low oil level for quite a while. This means the oil pump was sucking air which causes loss of oil pressure which in turn causes the crankshaft bearing overlayment to disappear.

Every engine I’ve seen that was run out of oil needed to be repaired; even if it apparently still ran fine. JMHO for what it’s worth.

If it was driven with the oil light on for any amount of time consider it done. Sorry

I’m inclined to agree with you under the circumstances here. We had a previous post on this where an owner stopped the car immediately, and the oil was down to a very low level. It did not destroy the engine but like did damage to the bearings.

I fear it sure sounds like the engine is toast. Of course we don’t know what happened since we don’t know if the engine light may have been on for an hour before it started “pecking” (What is pecking?) In fact we are not sure you really ran out of oil since you did not tell us why you said it ran out of oil and how you determined it was completely dry.