Please Help - My Engine Keeps Dying!

I have a 1998 Honda Civic 4-door sedan. I have had no issues with my car before. About a month ago the engine started losing power and dying with no warning. When this happens I also lose power to my windshield wipers but my stereo, headlights and hazard lights still work. When I try to restart my car it will turnover and restart for a split-second and then die again. After 5 seconds - 1 minute of restarting it finally is ok. I called my dealership and they said to replace the main relay and ignition coil which I did and it still dies. Also, there was an ignition switch recall for the 98 civic which would cause this problem but I had that replaced several years ago. I’m clueless at this point. Please help!!

It might be the ignition switch, again. It sounds like the engine is starting as long as the ignition key is held to START. Release the key to RUN, and it dies, right? When underway, the ignition switch could be losing contact to the RUN circuit, intermittently. This can be checked with a voltmeter (guided by a wiring diagram).

On the chance that the PGM-FI relay circuit is shorted to the wiper circuit, here’s a way to check: Remove fuse # 3 (wipers), and fuse # 13 (PGM-FI relay). Turn the ignition key ON (RUN). Check each fuse socket for 12 volts dc. On of the fuse socket side opposite the 12 volt side, set multimeter on OHMS. Touch one probe of the multimeter to the “cold” side of socket of fuse #13. Touch the other probe to fuse #3 “cold” side. There should be infinite resistance. This would show no contact between the two circuits, which is what is desired. If there is an ohms reading less than infinity, there is a short between the two circuits. Also, while the probes are in the fuse sockets, you could shake, and move, the wires near the fuse box. If the ohms reading changes, there’s contact between the two circuits. Further testing would be needed. Of course, I realize that you would hire an electrician to make these tests.