Please help 2003 f150

I have a 2003 f-150 4.6 supercrew cab 4x4
can someone please tell me if there is a exhaust donut or gasket where the exhaust manifold bolts to the rest of the exhaust, or is the flange just held together by the bolts without any gasket or donut? i have been trying to look on line but cant find any info.

                thanks in advance

Why not look on an auto parts site like Rockauto or Ford to see if they sell one. If they do, you need it, if they don’t you don’t.

I have looked and dont really see any. I just never heard of exhaust flange not having a donut or gasket

Well you have now. Ford uses something similar to a vee band clamp with a bell mouth shape on the exhaust pipe that makes the seal

It has what’s called a bell-mouth exhaust connection.

The exhaust pipe has this type of flange,


And the manifold has this type of flange.

So when the clamp on the pipe is tightened into the manifold, it forces the pipe to form to the bell-mouth and create a seal.


thank you Tester

Are you smelling exhaust fumes?

Do you hear an exhaust leak?

yes, its leaking at the flange. the bolts are rusted and probably need to be cut off and replaced.

And any muffler shop can do this easier and quicker than you can go get the wrong parts.

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