PLEASE HELP 03 chevy cavalier

my car has a really random problem!!! sometimes my car just wont start… i put the key in the ignition and it makes a click sound…the lights and radio come on the car just wont start…sometimes i wait 10 min and it starts and other times i wait hours for it to start…sometimes i can go days with it starting everytime and sometimes it wont start at least once a day…I took it to the shop and they replaced the ignition switch, starter, fuel filter, fuel pump, battery, and fuel injector. NOTHING IS WORKING! the shop gave up on my car…Im at a loss… HELP!!!

Sounds like the shop is raking you over. They have no clue, and are just throwing parts…and your money…at it. You deserve a refund. I don’t have the answer, but kindly do not post your question more than one time.

find a new shop.

Just a click usually indicates that voltage that has reached the starter relay or solenoid has dropped too low. Any switch, or wire connection, along the way could have dropped the voltage. The shop guessed at the ignition switch. Their guess was wrong.
An intermittent problem can be difficult to find the cause. Try to determine if the problem is in the gear selector switch (aka: the neutral safety switch). When the engine doesn’t crank, put the gear shift into N (for neutral). If it cranks, that switch is probably to blame.
Just yesterday, a friend’s vehicle had an intermittent stall and intermittent no-start. Like yours, there was just a click. The cause: corrosion on the inside of the battery cable loop. Filed the corrosion, coated battery posts and cable terminals with petroleum jelly, and re-attached cables. Then, all was sweetness and light.

Here is your first post from yesterday. Couldn’t you find it?

i was just reposting to see if i could get any new responses… i tried putting it in neutral when it wouldnt start and the engine didnt crank so i guess i can rule that out…my dad cleaned off the battery cable loop and that didnt work…

Experiment: Carry A Jumper Cable With You.

Next time it goes belly up, hop out and connect it from the battery negative (-) terminal to a good clean spot on engine metal. This will give you a second ground in case the other one is bad. It sounds like the shop already screwed around with both ends of the positive cable and the battery end of the negative cable. If it starts, suspect the car’s ground cable continuity.