Plastic Timing Cover replacement

Hello fellow car people. So I’m curious if any of you have replaced a timing cover specifically on an 03 Sonoma 4x4 with the 4.3 Vortec engine? Curious if I.m gonna have to seperate the transmission from the engine? I saw from the last time I was under the truck that the bell housing has bolts that go thru the back of the oil pan. Unless there is some kinda insider trick to this repair, the only way i see it being done correctly is to drop the oil pan. PLEASE HELP thanks in advance for any & all suggestions or advice

Maybe that video could help.

The “correct” way to do the service is to drop the oil pan, install the timing cover, and then put the oil pan on. Just like every small block Chevy ever. But I don’t do it that way. I will carefully grind away part of the lip at the lower corners of the cover, add some RTV, and install it. Much like the video above.

Why are you concerned about 4 more bolts at the bell housing? They’re easy to get to.

This is the second time you posted this question. You got the same answer both times.

Were you expecting a different answer for this post?

Scott , apparently this is not your vehicle and the repair seems to be a little beyond your ability . If it is not your vehicle then this may be the time to tell the owner that you might not do the repair as well as it should be done .