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Timing cover

vulcan 12v motor. Timing cover coolant leak.
Manual says drop oil pan, remove cover
There is a flat pan gasket or a molded pan gasket
I did job 2 yrs ago on 01 Taurus. I did not drop pan
Had oil leak.
Changed pan gasket few months later. Sold car
Got another Taurus now. Has coolant leak
From my experience it seems u need to drop pan
And may not need to replace gasket. IF you are careful?
You do not need to remove pan, just lower it to remove cover properly?
My 01 had flat gasket? Does my 06 have molded gasket?

There is a you tube video on this subject. Seems there are different oil pan gaskets, some require replacement and some are reusable. This repair is a lot of time/labor involved.
Me, I would pull the oil pan off completely, clean and install a new gasket. Q

Seems like a $15 gasket would be in order if you are going to all that work.

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I think I nicked the crank seal when I did the job and maybe that is why I had an oil leak. I am doing the cover this week. And will lower the pan. Now that I know to take care about the oil seal may help me. I think if I apply a bit of sealer to oil pan seal I might be ok. I didn’t have any more coolant leak issues last time.

been told the cover gets pitted in the gasket area. coolant is only in this top area on both side. the oil leak is usually at the bottom by the crank seal area.

1 starter bolt was backed out and sitting cockeyed on frame rail. It threads into starter but won’t tighten. Is bolt undersize or is female thread oversize? I can get a longer bolt and put a nut on end. Current bolt is flush with starter case. Thought cranking starter sounded a little odd.

my crank bolt is M14-1.5 or .546" and 17 threads per inch
the hub installer tool i used has a 9/16"-18 insert and a M14 insert
always use the correct tool
it is fixed now.

Good to hear.

my 01 had a baffle in oil pan that pickup went thru. You had to drop pan and slide it sideways to remove pan. So you also had to drop exhaust y-pipe. Did same thing on my 06 but there is no baffle in pan. Pan dropped straight down. No big deal. Y- pipe lowers without too much effort.