Plain Water vs Coolent

I want to know the advantiges of using Coolent insted of water. PS: So I can show people here in venezuela that it is better then just water.

Water destroys water pumps and causes corrosion and boils at 212 degrees fahrenheit instead of 235 or higher.

coolant has a lower freezing point, higher boiling point, rust inhibitors, and lubrication for the water pump seals.

However coolant does not conduct heat as well as water. Running just plain water will make the engine run cooler. Of course, it should definitely be distilled water, to avoid corrosion.

Aside from the benefits already listed, there is also an issue with the surface tension of plain water. Coolant formulations contain surfactants that reduce the surface tension and so help to reduce localized or nucleate boiling. There are products on the market that contain no water and so virtually eliminate this phenomenon. There is plenty of information readily available on the topic if you do a simple search. You’ll turn up a lot of propaganda from companies marketing alternative coolants but you’ll also find some less conflicted resources if you look for them.

Coolant increased the ability of the mix to carry and transfer heat. It increases the boiling point. I also helps resist rust and corrosion. Finally it helps lubricate the water pump. In other words it is foolish not to use it.

Water is not as good. <- moved 2-3-2008 to prevent confusion (Thanks Wha Who)

BTW different manufacturers specific specific types of coolant which are compatible with their cooling systems. They are not interchangeable.

Distilled water is an excellent solvent, at least until it loads up on dissolved engine parts. Any clean tap water should be fine, as long as it is not well water. That can contain a lot of dissolved minerals. I’m not familiar with Venezuelan tap water, so I can’t comment on it.

Your statement “Water is not as good” if not there, would make all of what you say in your first paragraph correct but a repeat of what already has been said. Have another Martooni!

I’ve always heard thought coolant, AKA antifreeze, transferred heat much better than just water. Apparently I was wrong. After reading your post I looked this up:

There are special water additives used in race cars, where antifreeze is prohibited, that increase heat transfer. The reason they don’t use antifreeze is that it makes the track VERY SLICK if the radiator or a hose breaks in an accident. Well that, and the fact that the racing season usually ends well before temperatures are below freezing.

Well the water sucks its yellow and is has no flurite.

The mixture has a higher boiling point and with a pressure cap it therefore transfers more heat. Per degree, it may actually have a little less, but who cares! The main ingrediends, lost on the Venzuelan drivers, are the rust inhibitors and water pump lubricant.

I know It would be foolish not to use it but 80% of the public there only use water and 3 times a day I see overheated cars on the highway. I tell those people use 5050 prediluted coolent (they even sell prestone coolent here) But they say ‘‘I never buy coolent because that is a trick that the americans use to sell there prouducs coolent is the same a water but they put color to the water’’ Can you belive that? I meen when I bought my 1983 Toyota FJ60 Suprise! the old owner put water in it insted of coolent and the radiator was rusted the thermostat got rusted It over heated just after two miles of driving I wasent even sopose to turn on the aircondiconing. I wanted to steam clean the radiator but when I took it apart. My god
I found out that NO WATER was getting in to the engine Not a DROP of water because the old owner had it parked for such a long time that the water in the radiator rusted so bad that it had a wall of rust hafe an inch thick that preventid the water from going through and when I lowered the old radiator it broke in hafe. So I changed the water pump,thermostat,radiator radiator cap, all the hoses, cleened, the water chanels in the engine changed the tempeture guage sender, and filled it up with 5050 prediluted coolent. It stopped overheating instintly I mean it was amazing the change it dident even overheat with the air on in idle In fact it was a little bit below the middle point on the guage (but not so much that it would cause overcooling) It was such a teriffic change that I really want to show people that using just yellowish tap water is terrible for an engine. Well thats my story sorry about the spelling. PS Coolent does not evaporate as quickly as water so you dont need to fill the radiator with water every morning.

So…what’s the problem? If Venezuelans want to buy new cars and replacement parts instead of antifreeze/coolant, let them. The auto industry can use the help!


Jeremy, Venezuelans live in a make-believe world. It’s one of the few areas where big US cars are still popular, because Chavez has kept gas prices down to 13 cents a gallon (I may be corrected here). Even cheaper than Saudi Arabia. Life there revolves around soap operas on TV and beauty contests.

Years ago Ford had the most successful marketing campaign ever; they convinced Venezuelans that Fords were at least as good as Mercedes cars, because they were quiet and big. They managed to sell them at Mercedes prices!!

Reading is not a big thing there and junk science flourishes. So whatever folklore and anti-American drivel is passed out to the population, it will likely be believed.

Corrosion is the big issue as you have seen. You can buy the 100% stuff and mix it will good quality water. If you put in 50% from that jug you will have a hard time getting the overall 50% concentration that you want because it is difficult to get all the water out. Use of water is cheap in the short term, but costs a lot in the long run.