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Place to work on car around Los Angeles

I recently bought a great 15 year old porsche and after finding out that an oil change costs $350 and to change the spark plugs takes around 4-6 hours (seriously no exaggeration ) have decided I can do this stuff myself (I have and do like working on my cars anyway) The problem is I live in an apartment building and my landlord will give me a hard Time if I work on my car there. Do any of you guys know of a place or have a space I could rent out for a couple of weekends to do some minor work on my car I have tools just need space. Any advice would be apreciated

The liability issues from this aside, I doubt you’ll ever find any of those kinds of places around anywhere.

If you are mechanically inclined the greatest place might be your garage. If you are willing to pay my airfare, I will come visit.

Your car is most likely going to need to see a mechanic more often than your run of the mill 15 year old car and it will have issues that average mechanical skills just will not cover. The 911 is a lifestyle, not simple transportation.

When I lived in an apartment building, I asked the priest at the catholic church across the street if I could do repairs there. The deal was I had to put $20 in the collection box a month and I wasn’t allowed to leave anything in the parking lot (No spilled oil, coolant, half disassembled cars… Etc). It worked out well. I recently moved and I’m gonna try and work out another deal. See if you can find a sympathetic priest.

Learn Spanish, then any AutoZone store parking lot should work…You’ll fit right in…But a 15 year old run-out Porsche? You don’t have enough time or money…

Don’t have to speak Spanish…Here in NH where French is the big second language…people do oil changes right at the AutoZone parking lot…some actually will even catch the oil in a pan instead of just draining into the sewer drain.