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In a post-Baja universe

I have a 2003 Subaru Baja that is the PREFECT vehicle for me. I need room for 3 kids and since I have to take my garbage to the dump once a month I don’t have it stinking up the interior. It’s relatively small. It’s perfect. I have absolutely no idea what I could possibly replace it with that would serve me as well. Does ANYONE have any ideas?


Honda Ridgeline is close, but bigger.

You might also look at a Nissan Frontier Crew Cab. Actually, any crew cab pick-up would work. The Ford F-150 SuperCrew 6-cyl and Toyota Tacoma Double Cab both get better gas mileage than either the Ridgeline or Frontier.

Dont know if the fullsize ones will get better mileage then the small ones or not,most people claim about 20 mpg for the Frontiers and about the same for the 6 cyl Fords(watch the curb weights the weight will get you on the mileage-some of the little guys are chunkier then you might expect) but a fullsize Chevy with 3.08 gears driven carefully will give suprising mileage,my 6cyl Dakota with 3.92 gears doesn’t get very good mileage-Kevin

Be very careful with your Baja. Rufus. Hopefully the new CAFE standards will result in the automobile industry moving back to the sensible sized pickups and variants. They may offer a good replacement by the time your Baja breathes its last breath. I hope so.

RK,good post! BTW my Cousin claims as high as 24 MPG on his Silverado with 3.08 gears and 5.3 engine and 6 spd auto-Kevin

Ford Sport Trac, but they discontinued that model a year or 2 ago, too.

Why not keep the car you love and get a small trailer for your home depot and dump runs?

Thank you everyone. I hope it lasts forever. My last pu was a Chevy S10 and so awful it made me swear off American. I’ll follow up. Thanks.

I also would suggest the Ridgeline. There are a lot of small pickups out there too. Don’t let your experiences with an S10 make you swear off domestic vehicles. Honda, Toyota, Subaru, all of them have made lemons as well, especially during the time period that S10s were most popular. Cars in general have come a long long way since the dark ages of the 80s…

It’s perfect. I have absolutely no idea what I could possibly replace it

If it is perfect, why do you want to replace it?

I used to think my Suzuki Sidekick was perfect. The Baja, a Small, make believe off roader, make believe pick up and make believe 4 seater is inticing, I agree. But, Ridgeline and Crew cabs or a utility trailer and a compact car are now in your real life future. Having kids tends to bring the real world into perspective.