Pieces found in Cylinder 8 and Catalytic Converter

We lost cylinder 8. Upon examination, we found the pieces below. Some also were pulled out of the catalytic converter. It looks like a metal crimp we did find 742 stamped on one piece. Can not find any pieces missing. Looks like it was sucked in through the intake.

Any shop working on the vehicle lately?
Replacing air filter or messing with air intake anyhow?

I don’t know how anything that large would get sucked in if the air filter was in place.

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Are the pieces stamped steel?

Did you remove the cylinder head and catalytic converter for inspection?

Are you sure it’s not part of your engine?

Unless your air filter element is missing or now has a gaping hole, there’s no way that’s road debris

Just what kind of vehicle is this?

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Clarify “lost cylinder 8”.

I seriously doubt if this came in through the induction system.
Have you dropped the pan yet?

My wild guess? It got sucked in from the valvetrain, probably pulled the valve stem seals into the cylinder with it. Pull the valvecovers and look for wreckage. Post the results.

Pretty hard to say.

But one thing that helps to identify the unknown is, place something known as a point of reference.

Maybe a quarter, dime, …?


Assume you mean you pulled the head and found these in the cylinder.

And yes, we need a scale and info on the engine.

Air filter was replaced

Sometimes stuff can get sucked out of the cat and it goes into the cylinder. I know it seems difficult to believe, but during part of the engine cycle there can be reverse flow from the cat towards the cylinder. Usually what it is though is small bits of ceramic material from the cat matrix rather than metal parts which that photo seems to show. But debris sucked from the exhaust system is one idea to consider anyway. It could have happened as part of the air filter replacement of course. The latter seems more likely.

Difficult to believe, how about impossible to believe.

I could almost believe that if this was some engine where the cat is right in the exhaust manifold. But being an 8 cyl. I doubt this is the case. But then again absolutely no info on vehicle or engine. What a surprise.

Its never a good sign when you can read the part numbers.