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Phantom Wipers

Sorry if this has been asked already, I did a quick search of the forums and didn’t see anything relevant.

I have a 2011 Smart Fortwo with a very odd wiper problem. Most of the time when I first start up the car, the top wiper (they both rest one on top of the other and open outward from the middle of the windshield) moves slightly out of its resting position. I can then quickly turn on and back off the wipers and the blade will jump back down to its proper resting position. Most of the time it then stays there for the rest of the ride.

This problem occasionally gets much worse where the blade will continuously move out of position, sometimes getting almost half-way up the windshield. Again, turning on the wipers causes it to jump back to its resting position. However, this makes my intermittent setting useless as the blade has enough time between wipes to move out of position again, so each time the intermittent fires it just moves back to the start (low or high settings work fine because there is no time for it to move out of position).

To make it even stranger, the behavior somehow seems linked to my headlights. Where I live we are required to burn our headlights anytime we are using our wipers. If I turn off the headlights, even just one click back to the parking lights, the wiper stops moving on its own. The wiper and lights aren’t even on the same control lever.

I have taken it in to the dealer, but, as usual, they could not reproduce the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.