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Phantom recall for catalytic converter?

Has anyone ever heard of this? We got a card from the manufacturer saying the converter was part of a recall. The dealer took the card and supposedly ordered the cat. When we never heard back we called him and was told there was no recall! He asked for written proof of the communication from the manufacturer. We told him he already had it and he replied there was no card! (I submitted this problem to Tom & Ray but I don’t think I was witty or sarcastic enough to be considered for their column. Hope someone here can help. Thanks!

In cases like this, never give away the card until the goods are received and installed. If
they want to keep the card at the initial visit, then insist on a copy before you go out the door.

Do an internet search for recalls for your specific vehicle. Card or no card, they are lagally required to perform the recall action.

Note that there should also be information that came with your owner’s manual for following up on problems. You could contact them as well.

What Model-Year Is This Car (?) And Which Engine Does It Have ?

This may or may not be a full-blown recall. It could be a campaign or service initiative.


its a 2002 mitsubishi Lancer

This “notice” (#EMR-05-001-Rev11) is more for a PCM re-program than a catalytic converter replacement. It seems that after extended periods of WOT (that be wide open throttle) driving, the cat. can melt. The PCM re-program catches this before it happens. So unless you have been impersonating Burt Reynolds (ala Smokey and the Bandit) and have a check engine light on related to a cat. issue,all you are going to get is a PCM re-program.