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Peugeot 307

My peugeot 307 (stick shift) recently started to do this: I will be driving at about 80 miles per hour (in 5th), and then at random the car will falter.

It feels like when you are driving (putting pressure on the gas pedal) and then you accidentally push the break pedal for a fraction of a second. The sensation is also similar to that of one of the wheels catching for a fraction of a second. So it?s not that the engine is stalling, or that the motor isn?t responding to me pushing the gas.

I drive twice a week from my city to the capital (a distance of about 100 miles) on a well-taken-care-of-two-lane highway. This has occured several times on four trips to the capital, but never has happened on the way back or when I have been driving similar distances to other cities. This also normally occurs when I?m going uphill (but I wouldn?t say that it happens exclusively). And whenever I down-shift to fourth, and go back up to fifth, the problem doesn?t repeat.

This has occurred between 1 and 8 times on every trip to the capital (a total of four trips) in the last 2 weeks. Any ideas?

Sounds like a misfire. How many miles on this car? Do any warning lights come on when this happens?

No warning lights, it has maybe 40,000 kilometers on it.

Update: the same thing happened on the way back to my city today, twice (so it doesnt just happen on the way to the capital), and it happened when I wasn?t going uphill.

If it were a misfire, what could be the cause and consequence?