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Peugeot 207-Door Locking Problem

I wanted to ask you the car Peugeot 207 2006
The car closes late keeping the door open for 1 min
The lock has been changed and still does not close directly
Can anyone tell me who is the problem?

Sorry , but your post is unclear ( something lost in the translation ) but this is mainly a US site and Peugeot has not been sold here in years .
You will best be served by searching for a Peugeot Forum .

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I close my doors by hand. Do you have power closing doors? I know many cars have power closing trunk lids and hatchbacks, never have seen power closing doors.

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No i dont have
Only with key

Few–if any–members of this US-based forum are familiar with modern Peugeot models at this point, due to the fact that they haven’t been sold here since 1991.