PCV Valves on Honda - how often replace?

I did replace the PCV valve - believe it is the first time replacement for this 1999 model car.

Initially I thought that old one was blocked. After replacing it, I played around and I see it is working. Not sure the block in there got removed?

Are they intended for lifetime? How often would you change these things?

While the after market part was cheap it felt different so I got the Honda part.

Why did you think the old one was blocked?

If it rattles when you shake it, its good. If it doesn’t, replace it. You should also replace the rubber grommet that it goes through in the valve cover when ever you replace the PVC valve itself, or anytime it gets hard and brittle.

If it doesn’t rattle, it’s definitely bad

If it does rattle, it’s probably good

Make sure the vacuum hose to the valve and fitting are clear, they can clog too.