Pay for on car advertising

I see these cars with ads on them and wonder how to contact companies who pay you to do it? On line all I can find are agencies who charge you to be put on waiting lists. Seems like there should be a more direct connection. Thanks and good luck.

Dr Thom

Back In The 70s There Were “Beetle Boards”. They’d Paint People’s VW Beetles And Print Advetising On It And Pay The Owner To Drive It.

Now here’s one called Free Car Media.


Your best bet would be your own local area.
Ask the sign companies about contacts.
Sell your personal visibilty to convince them.
Things like ; Where you will be seen the most often ? Are you always driving in and about town ? Are you at the college or the WalMart a lot ? out on the highway ? Why would any company choose your vehicle ?

Cosidering these aspects would tell you which type of companies to even approach.

I liked the Irish Spring ad.

My question is: Which companies actually pay people to do this type of advertising. My free car is just an agency who charges you to put you on some mythical waiting list. I’ve done searches and have found only these agencies. There are more agencies than ads so they can’t be a good source of information. There exist companies whom engage people to advertise on their vehicles Those companies are that which I seek. I see vehicles passing in traffic but have never had the opportunity to ask the drivers HOW/Where/Who pays them for this service. Please try to stay on topic? Thanks and good luck.

Dr Thom

Your best bet would be to call some places up, local or global, and see if they’d be willing to have you advertise for them. Don’t be expecting thousands of dollars a month to do so, and try to be flexible when negotiating.

I’ve Seen Little Cars With Ads From Those Places That Cash Pay Checks Before People Even Get Paid. Most Of Them Park Right In Front Of The Place. I Figure They Work There.

Too bad you were born a little late. These cars were all over the place in the 70s. Maybe a pizza place would let you use one of their signs that go on your roof.


I remember in the late 1940’s into the early 1950’s that taxicabs in my community had lighted signs that mounted on the trunk and advertised various things. The ministerial association used them first to urge people to attend church on Sunday. However, the beer company must have overbid them, because it wasn’t long before the signs advertised Stroh’s beer.