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Pathfinder shuts off

I have a 1994 Pathfinder that shuts off when it gets hot. It does not shut off when I am driving however when I get to a stop light etc, instead of the car idling, the RPM’s go to 0 and the car shuts off. It starts up immediately and runs smooth. It only happens when it is hot - when it is cold it works fine like it should.

Are you getting a check engine light?

There should be codes stored. Have them read and post the numbers back here for further help.

Thanks for the reply. No check engine light and no codes to read.

There are a number of reasons it will stall, among them are: a faulty idle air control valve, clogged fuel filter, damaged ignition system wires, vacuum leaks and emissions control faults.

You can add: incorrectly gapped spark plugs and perhaps defective plug wires.