Passing smog visual test

I heard that if you use two cycle smokless oil in your motor that your vehicle will pass does this work or do you know any info will be helpfull thanks

Is anybody screening these posts. lol

Yes, it does work! Any synthetic oil works pretty good but synthetic 2-stroke oil works best…The drawback is 4 quarts of that stuff will be expensive and you don’t want to leave it in very long…Another problem is most 2-stroke lubes are “pre-diluted” so they mix readily with gasoline. Too thin for that old Chevy truck…Motorcycle shops will have some trick stuff at even MORE outrageous prices…Try 4 quarts of Mobil 1 and do a smoke test in your own driveway first…Or bite the bullet and scrap the truck…For $1500 you can buy a 2500 that does not smoke…